headlight, no headlight

Analyzing gestures and patterns of human behavior, the drawing studies the body language of shifting legs under a dinner table as an unseen, subconscious dialogue that occurs in tandem to verbal conversations. Various leg positions, such as feet turned inwards, outwards, parallel, or cross-legged, can offer information about social environments. This gestural information is then juxtaposed with a speculation on public space that is experienced both openly and privately. In the case of a public dining experience, the upper body engages in the visible realm above the table, while the lower body performs in a seemingly private and subconscious way under the table. Thus, how does one’s body language reflect the state of being among a fluctuating social context?

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Format: ~32.5 x 17.5 cm
Media: graphite, vellum, various paper, found images

© 2024 Nicole Salnikov